We are a
singular company…

We believe to have found the perfect symbiosis between consumer research, technological innovation, marketing trends, and strategic thinking. And that’s good news for you and your company!

It’s uncommon for a consumer research company to be led by a computer scientist and that our technological innovation be guided by a sociologist.

However, this is our recipe to force our researchers to think within frames of reference that include technology and to get the computer scientists to understand that we don’t research binary code, but people. It could have been a disaster, but IT WORKS!!

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Multidisciplinary team

Made up of specialists from different disciplines: research, marketing, communications, digital analysts, brand reputation and strategy.

The goal being to offer thorough and rigorous reports, but at the same time framed in the specific language and addressing the needs of the distinct company areas of the clients for whom we work.

360º Research approach

We rely on the material, technical and human resources to tackle the research process using a 360º approach, for when Social Listening can’t deliver all of our clients’ answers.

We integrate data from different sources, whether primary (surveys, focus groups) or secondary (results from other studies, sales data, etc.).

Strategic and creative research

Our focus is on data and the analysis thereof, but from the beginning we detected the need from our clients for a partner that helps them “translate” the information into strategic inputs. We also dare to propose creative ideas that may later be fine-tuned by outside experts.

Technology development

We are pleased to have an in-house technology development department with experience in data extraction, visualisation and integration. We know that no single tool is perfect to answer all the specific needs of a client. That is why we so strongly believe in offering combined solutions, customised and integrated so that they may satisfy the most demanding of petitions.

We strive to go beyond the data to discover valuable business insights

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is our greatest satisfaction”

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