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Consumer Research

Brand Reputation

Social Intelligence

Customer Journey Mapping

Starting with a sophisticated analysis of social data, we provide new insights to each stage of the customer purchasing process: from the detection of the need, to the search for relevant information, the weighing and comparison of available options, the purchase itself, loyalty building and recommendations. Our results shed valuable light on and help to glean a wealth of knowledge about the Customer Journey.


Customer & User Experience

We comb through opinions, ratings, suggestions and complaints that users publish both in marketplaces like Amazon, app stores (Google/ iOS) and in review sites like Booking or Google My Business. Our analysts process and convert them into actionable insights focusing on improving the customer (CX) and user experience (UX).


Data Integration

We utilize secondary data sources, such as consumer panel data, surveys or census data to complement, contextualise and validate the representativity of the data we collect in social networks and Internet in general. At Nethodology we’re enthusiastic about statistics and we consistently find secondary data sources (internal & external) that add greater breadth to our results.


Quantitative & Qualitative research

What if social networks or secondary data sources still don’t provide the answers to our clients’ questions? Nethodology is part of the AeI Group, the Spanish leader in market research, which grants us seamless access to consumer panels for online surveys. This translates into an excellent resource to answer both qualitative and quantitative questions from our clients.


Brand reputation analysis

It is essential to monitor and continually evaluate the reputation of a company in order to determine the brand’s health in the digital arena.

We offer a broad range of solutions that span from monitoring tools to periodic studies that measure online reputation.


Crisis management

Good prevention minimizes the chance of a reputation crisis, but it can’t neutralize all risks. When a crisis arises, it is fundamental to know exactly how it was triggered and the consequences it produced. All of this information contributes to the improvement of those protocols set in place for future crises.


24×7 Brand insurance

Crises don’t have scheduled times. Our experience indicates that messages are viralised especially when users have more free time, which is usually outside regular work hours.

In order to resolve our clients’ needs for monitoring and analysis in reputational crises, we offer immediate assistance 24/7, where we configure searches, create dashboards and activate alerts.


Social Analytics (Follow)

‘Follow’ is our technology solution for the monitoring, measurement and analysis of social profiles in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. It provides metrics and insights companies need to get the greatest benefits out of their own social channels and also grants us the capability of learning how competitors perform; creating valuable market benchmarks.


Social strategy optimization

We have developed our own model to analyse the content strategy in social media with the aim of supporting our clients’ decisions regarding content and brand territories.


Influencer marketing

The digital marketing budget companies allocate to influencers and brand ambassadors grows exponentially year after year. At Nethodology we have developed a specific methodology to analyse and evaluate these prescribers, allowing us to optimally decide who to select according to the strategy at hand.


Campaign performance

We analyse all types of campaigns in social media, both those launched from owned channels and external ones, to obtain qualitative insights on top of the conventional metrics such as volume, sentiment or reach.


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