The big question that has all brands looking for answers… And then what? The answer: …after what?

  • After the pandemic?
  • After the huge economic crisis looming?
  • After the geopolitical maneuvering, with the US withdrawing more and more, and China establishing itself as both responsible for the tragedy and savior of the world?

Can we ask ourselves now what the consumer that emerges from this crisis will be like in the face of so much uncertainty? We do not know how long it will last, nor how many people it will unfortunately take. Well, there is one certainty: The world will change. But you already knew that!

We are in shock, and we forget that the world has been changing at rate unknown to humanity since the last two major events that devastated any certainties we had after of World War II: the fall of the Twin Towers and the great economic crisis of 2008.

A month ago we were wondering what society would look like when the “Thunberg Generation” took control. Greta Thunberg: Young, Female, Environmentalist. A few years earlier we had wondered about what kind of world that Internet, mobile devices and social networks would end of configuring. Yes, the world will change…. again. And after the pandemic, what will come will be… more changes.

Zigmunt Bauman is no longer around, but he left some wisdom to manage so much uncertainty (only in Spanish for now)





Download in pdf presentation format (only in Spanish for now):