Ukraine Crisis Euro Barometer

Digital Index - Week 11 (14-20 march 2022)

The Russia-Ukraine conflict, as well as having grave humanitarian consequences, is already having a direct impact on consumer behavior and the communication and advertising activity of brands. Much like during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine is occupying a significant portion of consumer attention, transforming both their mood and consumption patterns.

Here at Netholology, we’ve launched a weekly digital barometer to study the evolution of both user behaviour and media outputs related to the conflict. The main objective is to measure the evolution of interest in the Ukrainian war among internet users and digital media.

In order to facilitate comparability over time and between the various European markets analysed, we have created an index that encompasses three metrics:

  • Volume of Google searches related to the conflict
  • Volume of Media headlines that mention the conflict
  • Volume of Twitter posts that mention the conflict (among users with > 5,000 followers)

This report will give you access to the most viral conflict-related search trends, news and tweets in each market. It also analyses looks at which brands have been mentioned most often in relation to the conflict, in both the media and on social media, and gives examples of the most viral brand-related content.