Our team of experienced market researchers bring with them ample strategic planning know-how from both advertising agencies and research institutes. We love drawing consumer insights out of social media data.

Our experience has taught us that social data, when analysed using appropriate methodologies and the necessary precautions are taken to ensure data validity and representativity, can enrich the information we’re able to collect via traditional research methods.


Customer Journey


We conduct a sophisticated analysis of social data to extract relevant insights at each stage of the customer journey: from initial awareness of a need, to the search for relevant information, the comparison of available options, the purchase itself, to loyalty building and recommendations.

Our studies help to shed light on the particularities of your clients’ customer journey.

Our research projects can rise to marketing challenges such as:+

  • Origin of the need/desire: What sparks consumer interest in a specific product/ service?
  • Search for relevant information: How do consumers inform themselves about the different options available to them?
  • Weighing up the alternatives: What product attributes and characteristics are more compelling? Where does our offer stand in terms of these attributes?
  • Purchase: Which purchase channels does the consumer prefer?
  • Loyalty building: Which experiences determine consumer loyalty and which lead to dissatisfaction or frustration, thus hindering repeat purchases?
  • Recommendation: Who is recommending our product and what stands out in said endorsement?



We detect trends among early adopters of any given product category, identifying those “faint signals” that predict changes in consumer behaviour.

Adopting trends at just the right moment is critical to both product innovation (R&D) and communications (strategic planning and advertising).

We employ our proprietary CSI methodology, developed by Nethodology in 2009 (“Coolhunting: the art of deciphering trends”. Empresa Activa, 2009).



Consumer experiences and opinions posted in social media fuel the detection of trends among early adopters of any consumer category (food/ drink, electronics, beauty, fashion, etc.). The key is to know who to target in order to be able to pick up those “faint signals” that indicate incipient changes in consumer behaviour.

Adopting trends in their sweet spot is pivotal to product innovation (R+D) and communications (strategic planning and advertising).

Trend detection and analysis is carried out by applying our proprietary CSI methodology, developed by one of Nethodology’s founders in 2009. The CSI methodology is extensively covered in the Spanish language book “Coolhunting. El arte y la ciencia de descifrar tendencias” (Coolhunting: the art of deciphering trends. Empresa Activa, 2009).

Customer & User
Experience Analysis


We comb through opinions, ratings, suggestions and complaints published by users in marketplaces like Amazon, on app stores (Google/ iOS) and on review sites like Booking or Google My Business.

Our analysts process and convert these into actionable insights centred on improving the customer and user experience (CX & UX).



We leverage secondary data sources like consumer panels or census data, to complement, contextualise and validate the representativity of the data we collect from social networks and the internet at large.

At Nethodology, we’re enthusiastic about statistics and are constantly finding secondary data sources, both internal and external, to enhance our studies.



And if we still don’t have all the consumer information we need? Then, we keep searching! At Nethodology we’re enthusiastic about statistics and we consistently find secondary data sources to complement Internet data.

Secondary data sources, such as consumer panel data, surveys or census data help to contextualise and validate the representativity of the data we collect in social networks and Internet in general.

Members of our team specialise in “third-party micro data” and we compile our own analyses. These secondary data sources can be internal (from our clients) or external, such as sociological research organisations (governmental), universities, private associations, or public agencies (like Eurostat or INE: Spain’s statistics agency).

Quantitative &
Qualitative research


What if neither social networks nor secondary data sources provide the answers to our clients’ questions?

Nethodology is part of the AeI Group, Spain’s leading market research firm, which grants us seamless access to consumer panels for online surveys, an excellent way to answer any unresolved qualitative or quantitative client questions.

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