More than 7 years of experience analysing the online reputation of dozens of big companies in Spain and South Americanos allows us to develop advanced and innovative solutions in this area. For this reason, Nethodology is responsible for conducting Merco Digital, a benchmarking study within the Merco Companies report which annually measures the key positioning vectors of the online reputation of top 100 companies across various countries (Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, etc.).

Further below, is a summary of the main solutions designed to take care of your company’s reputation.


Brand reputation analysis

It is essential to monitor and continually evaluate the reputation of a company in order to determine the brand’s health in the digital arena.

We offer a broad range of solutions: from monitoring tools that perform the tracking, classification and analysis of everything published about your brand (including intelligent alerts depending on different criteria) to sophisticated tracking or one-shot studies. Our studies include the manual processing of multivariable data, quantitative/ qualitative data, as well as conclusions and recommendations from our consultant team.

Crisis management

Good prevention minimizes the chance of a reputation crisis, but it can’t neutralize all risks. When a crisis arises, even before contingency protocols are set in motion, it is fundamental to know exactly how the crisis was triggered and the consequences it produced.

We have developed the 5C methodology (Context, manual Coding, Characterisation, Content and Consequences) to cover all information needs and to provide the necessary answers to communications managers during a crisis.

24×7 Brand insurance

Crises don’t have scheduled times. Our experience indicates that messages are viralised especially when users have more free time, which is usually outside regular work hours.

In order to resolve our clients’ needs for monitoring and analysis in reputational crises, we offer immediate assistance service 24/7, in which our technical team configures searches, creates dashboards and activates alerts within our monitoring platform. This allows for the collecting and visualisation of the entire conversation in real time.

Additionally, we offer consulting services that focus on impact analysis of the reputational crisis, as well as reactions to official communications; all of which is included in a report with conclusions and recommendations.

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