The level of sophistication of social media marketing, deriving from the maturity of the social media phenomenon and its constantly changing nature, as well as the relationships that brands have with consumers via these channels, requires us to offer advanced solutions in order to respond in any given moment to this constantly evolving market dynamic. Below, are some of the services we have devoloped in response to the many demands of our clients over recent years:


Social Analytics (Follow)

Who wouldn’t love to get at a moment’s glance the evolution of your brand’s presence in social media and obtain insights into what content works best and publishing guidelines?

Follow is our technology solution for the monitoring, measurement and analysis of social profiles. It provides metrics and insights that companies need to get the greatest benefits out of their own social channels and also grants us the capability of learning how competitors perform, creating valuable market benchmarks. Currently, Follow retrieves the most relevant information from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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  • Followers: How is the size of our community evolving over time? Are we growing at the same rate as our competitors? From which networks are we achieving the most followers? Which networks show the greatest margin of growth?
  • Activity: Are we following a publishing strategy too similar to the competition? Are we coming up short or saturating our followers? What is the average frequency of the sector and how do we stand in relation to this measure?
  • Engagement: What is our overall engagement rate? How has it evolved over time? What days/ times elicit the best engagement rates?
  • Content: What posts/ campaigns perform best? And the worst? It is also possible to manually tag each piece of content to later calculate stats for the entire territory.

Social strategy optimization

The data and insights obtained via Follow are the best starting point to develop and optimise social media content strategies, but it is not always easy to turn data into successful actions. This is where our strategic analysis experience with large companies from a wide range of sectors comes into play.

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  • Territories: One of the biggest challenges for companies is to define territory themes to associate with our Brand, broadening the typically restricted field of the category in which we operate. By way of techniques like Social Network Analysis (SNA) we discover the various territories ideal for association allowing for decisions to be made as function of our values and positioning.
  • Content: Follow and any other Social Analytics tool provide us with information about the best performing content, but it doesn’t tell us why. Our clients demand that we go beyond simplistic data analytics and require us to provide much more practical conclusions, such as: keys to a good contest in Facebook, or what types of photos or compositions generate higher engagement, for example. In order to get to this level of detail, we utilise a labour intensive task that involves quantitative and qualitative analysis of thousands of posts ordered by engagement rate, likeability, shareability, etc.

Influencer Marketing

The digital marketing budget companies allocate to influencers and brand ambassadors grows exponentially year after year. At Nethodology we have developed specific methodologies, techniques and tools that are pivotal in improving the efficacy and efficiency (more for less) of our actions with influencers, micro-influencers and brand ambassadors.

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  • Captación: Ayudamos a identificar los influencers que mejor se ajustan a los objetivos de la campaña en función de criterios como la notoriedad, características de su comunidad y nivel de engagement con la misma, momentum (al alza o la baja), fakeness (seguidores falsos, bots, etc) y afinidad con la categoría (relevancia).
  • Negociación económica: Evaluamos cómo ha funcionado un determinado influencer cuando ha promocionado a otras marcas con el fin de optimizar la inversión, yendo más allá de criterios básicos como número de seguidores.
  • Evaluación de resultados de campañas: Buscamos conocer en qué medida se han conseguido los objetivos perseguidos en términos de alcance, atractivo, sentimiento y target impactado, para obtener aprendizajes que sirvan a optimizar las campañas del futuro.
  • Evaluación de embajadores/as de marca: Analiza exhaustivamente la reputación online de los influencers, el contenido publicado en sus medios y su huella digital para prevenir la posibilidad de que la marca pueda verse implicada en una crisis de reputación a causa del mismo.

Campaign evaluation

Campaign evaluation: We analyse all types of campaigns in social media, both those launched from owned channels and external ones like social ad campaigns. Our analysis includes everything! We incorporate all of this knowledge into future campaigns
Beyond providing conventional metrics (volume, sentiment, audience type, etc.), we comb through all the data to uncover qualitative insights. In terms of campaign analysis, we not only determine whether it has performed correctly or not, but also outline the reasons why, and this is the key to future improvement.
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  • Decodificación: ¿Se está entiende el mensaje que pretendemos transmitir?, ¿Hay algún elemento de los copies  o imágenes que esté dificultando la comprensión?
  • Atractivo: ¿Cómo valoran los usuarios nuestro mensaje?, ¿Les gusta?, ¿Qué les gusta o disgusta?
  • Credibilidad: ¿Resulta creíble?, ¿Es consistente con la imagen que tienen de nosotros o su experiencia?, ¿Hemos caído en overpromise?
  • Relevancia: ¿Estamos llegando al target al que nos dirigimos? La aplicación de algoritmos de análisis de imágenes, aplicado sobre la foto del perfil de los usuarios que participan en la conversación puede darnos muchas pistas sobre este crucial aspecto.
  • Engagement: ¿Qué piezas o post de la campaña han funcionado mejor?, ¿Qué características diferenciales explicarían que funcione mejor o peor?

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