We offer advanced and adaptive solutions that keep pace with the ever-changing social media landscape, as well as the increasingly sophisticated marketing strategies employed by firms to connect with their consumers via social networks.

Below are some of the services we’ve developed in response to our clients’ demands in recent years:


Social Analytics


Follow’ is our in-house platform that monitors and analyses social profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. It provides companies with the metrics and insights they need to make the most of their own social channels, as well as learn best practices used by competitors or industry leaders.

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  • Followers: How is the size of our community evolving over time? Are we growing at the same rate as our competitors? Which network is growing the fastest? Which network’s performance should we improve?
  • Activity: Is our content publishing strategy similar to that of our competitors? Should we generate more content or are we saturating our followers? What is the sector’s average content publication frequency and where do we stand relative to this?
  • Engagement: What is our overall engagement rate? How has it evolved over time? What days/times lead to the best engagement rates?
  • Content: Which posts/campaigns perform best/worst? How do particular territories perform relative to others?

Social Strategy


We have developed our own proprietary model to analyse social media strategies, designed to help our clients’ make data-driven decisions about content creation and brand positioning.

Although we typically develop tailored methodologies for our clients, our Social Strategy Model has proven to facilitate decision making regarding the following dimensions: +

  • Territories: Companies frequently struggle to define thematic areas relevant to their brand. By employing techniques like Social Network Analysis (SNA), we can shed light on important thematic areas that ought to be considered in the brand positioning strategy.
  • Content: While Follow, and any other Social Analytics tool, may provide us with metrics to determine the best performing content, they can’t tell us the reason why that content was so popular. We go beyond these simplistic metrics to gather more practical insights for our clients. This can include best practices for a successful giveaway on Facebook, or what types of photos generate higher engagement. To obtain this detailed information, we conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis of thousands of pieces of content, ordered by engagement rate, likeability, shareability, etc.

Social strategy


The data and insights obtained via Follow are the best starting point to develop and optimise social media content strategies, but it is not always easy to turn data into successful actions. This is where our strategic analysis experience with large companies from a wide range of sectors comes into play.

Although we generally design bespoke methodologies for our clients, click to see more details on our popular Social Strategy model designed to support decision making: +

  • Territories: One of the biggest challenges for companies is to define territory themes to associate with our Brand, broadening the typically restricted field of the category in which we operate. By way of techniques like Social Network Analysis (SNA) we discover the various territories ideal for association allowing for decisions to be made as function of our values and positioning.
  • Content: Follow and any other Social Analytics tool provide us with information about the best performing content, but it doesn’t tell us why. Our clients demand that we go beyond simplistic data analytics and require us to provide much more practical conclusions, such as: keys to a good contest in Facebook, or what types of photos or compositions generate higher engagement, for example. In order to get to this level of detail, we utilise a labour intensive task that involves quantitative and qualitative analysis of thousands of posts ordered by engagement rate, likeability, shareability, etc.



Company budget allocated to digital marketing, influencer marketing and brand ambassadors continues to grow exponentially year after year. We have developed an in-house methodology to analyse and evaluate influencers, so that our clients can select brand ambassadors that fit their strategy and image.

We have solutions for all stages of influencer marketing: +

  • Capture: We help identify influencers that best fit the campaign’s objectives based on criteria like notoriety, community characteristics (e.g., engagement), momentum (upward or downward), ‘fakeness’ (fake followers, bots, etc.) and category fit (relevance).
  • Economic negotiation: To ensure optimal investment, we evaluate how an influencer has performed when promoting other brands.
  • Evaluation of campaigns: We measure the campaign’s success in terms of reach, attractiveness, sentiment and impacted target. We use these insights to optimize future campaigns.
  • Evaluation of brand ambassadors: We conduct a thorough analysis of the influencers’ online reputation, the content previously published on their own channels, and their digital footprint. This minimizes the risk of a reputational crisis for the brand.



We analyse social media campaigns, launched from both owned and external channels, in order to obtain qualitative insights, alongside the conventional metrics such as volume, sentiment or reach.
Beyond providing these conventional metrics, we comb through the data to uncover qualitative insights. We don’t only determine whether it has performed well or not, but also outline the reasons why.

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  • Decoding: Is the message we are trying to convey being understood? Are there any elements in the images that hinder correct perception?
  • Attractiveness: How do users perceive our message, do they like it, what do they like or dislike?
  • Credibility: Is it credible? Is it consistent with their experience and with the overall image the consumer has of the brand? Have we overpromised?
  • Relevance: Are we reaching our target audience? (Image analysis algorithms applied to the profile picture of users participating in the conversation help us to determine this).
  • Engagement: Which content worked well, and which characteristics explain why it worked better or worse?



Campaign evaluation: We analyse all types of campaigns in social media, both those launched from owned channels and external ones like social ad campaigns. Our analysis includes everything! We incorporate all of this knowledge into future campaigns
Beyond providing conventional metrics (volume, sentiment, audience type, etc.), we comb through all the data to uncover qualitative insights. In terms of campaign analysis, we not only determine whether it has performed correctly or not, but also outline the reasons why, and this is the key to future improvement.
For owned and earned campaigns, click to see how manual coding helps shed light where needed: +

  • Decodificación: ¿Se está entiende el mensaje que pretendemos transmitir?, ¿Hay algún elemento de los copies  o imágenes que esté dificultando la comprensión?
  • Atractivo: ¿Cómo valoran los usuarios nuestro mensaje?, ¿Les gusta?, ¿Qué les gusta o disgusta?
  • Credibilidad: ¿Resulta creíble?, ¿Es consistente con la imagen que tienen de nosotros o su experiencia?, ¿Hemos caído en overpromise?
  • Relevancia: ¿Estamos llegando al target al que nos dirigimos? La aplicación de algoritmos de análisis de imágenes, aplicado sobre la foto del perfil de los usuarios que participan en la conversación puede darnos muchas pistas sobre este crucial aspecto.
  • Engagement: ¿Qué piezas o post de la campaña han funcionado mejor?, ¿Qué características diferenciales explicarían que funcione mejor o peor?

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