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Here at Nethodology, we help SEAT and CUPRA brands monitor the digital ecosystem and identify risks or opportunities regarding its brand image and corporate reputation.


We are living in a time of complete transformation in which companies are challenged to provide innovative responses to empowered consumers. The automotive industry is no exception to this, and although online car purchases still represent a tiny fraction of total sales, the Internet in general and particularly social networks have an undeniable influence over different phases of the customer journey (awareness, search and consideration).

In this digital era, having a deep understanding of what online media publishes, as well as the experiences or opinions consumers share online about specific companies or products, is a key component in business decision making. Brands such as SEAT and CUPRA make use of valuable data and information offered up by users on social networks to detect opportunities and effectively manage their reputation. Nethodology assists them with this analysis by providing multiple digital listening studies on a monthly basis.


Analyse and monitor the relevant conversations published on websites and social networks about SEAT and CUPRA brands in order to identify business opportunities or reputational risks immediately.


We developed our own proprietary methodology to analyse the digital conversation about SEAT and CUPRA in the EU5 markets – Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Italy.

Nethodology provides their Market Research department with a complete overview of comments made by current or potential customers online. These are then transformed into concrete actions in different departments such as Product Marketing, Quality, After Sales, Corporate Communication, Marketing Communication, Corporate Reputation or Brand Strategy, among others.

Our methodological process, which combines both statistical quantitative analysis and qualitative research techniques, allows us to analyse the millions of data we extract using technologies based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This allows us to offer pragmatic and insightful reports and delve deeper into relevant trends and needs detected in Internet users’ conversations for any of the departments.

We carry out extensive active monitoring of data – more than 8 million mentions monitored to date – that helps SEAT and CUPRA’s market research department measure the pulse of its brands in real time, deepen customer knowledge and execute fast and efficient responses to situations and opportunities as they arise.


“Nethodology helps us detect and evaluate the conversations about our brands and products that are generated online. Monitoring the digital ecosystem in real-time and without limits or restrictions is key to the management of SEAT and CUPRA brands”.

Benet Pujol – Head of Market Research at SEAT, S.A.


Each process we perform at Nethodology is led and supervised by a multidisciplinary and multilingual team made up of specialists in research, marketing, communication, digital, reputation and strategy sectors.

The dedicated team has both expertise in the automotive sector and tangible knowledge of local markets and their relevant languages. The team is made up of natives from each of the five countries monitored in the project.



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