The days of confinement and the bad news begin to take their toll on the state of mind of the Spanish. Among the different formulas that users of social networks use to escape from reality for a few moments, is reflecting on the future. The yearnings to recover what confinement steals from us are intertwined with the desire to maintain some of the habits and learning that acquired during this time of forced confinement.

In an attempt to better understand both what we miss, and the vital lessons we would like to maintain, we have analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively a sample of 1,000 tweets that contain an expression that has gained enormous popularity these days: “When this happens / ends / finish ”. Of the more than 50,000 tweets extracted, the 1,000 with the highest virality (RTs) have been selected…

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About the author:

Víctor Gil

Chief Research Officer at Nethodology